Traveling with a Service Dog: Guidelines and Resources

Traveling_with_a_Service_DogWhile traveling with a Service Dog in the United States is your privilege, navigating airline policies, international laws, TSA regulations, security checkpoints and other commonly-encountered situations can be anything but smooth sailing. Here are some tips, tricks, guidelines and resources to ensure your trip is as stress-free as possible.

Know the laws
Before you can educate anyone else about your right to travel with a Service Dog, you need to be familiar with the laws yourself. While U.S. federal law grants near-unrestricted public access to Service Dogs, air access laws for traveling with a Service Dog are actually defined by a separate piece of legislation, the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA). Federal Service Dog law and the ADA  only apply to public access while you and your partner’s feet are on the ground. Fortunately, though, the ACAA is relatively straight-forward. Individuals with a disability traveling with a Service Dog are to be granted access to air travel with their partner riding in the cabin, free of charge, and any equipment required for the Assistance Dog, such as a crate, food, or other gear can be flown free of charge in the cargo hold as medical equipment. READ MORE


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