2/10/15 LAB
Sire Keno Color Yellow
Dam Cava Color Yellow
Rhubarb F Yellow
Rhythm F Yellow
Russia F Yellow
Russ M Yellow


Welcome to the Keno x Cava Labrador litter; whelp date 02.10.15! The yellow puppies include male Russ and females Rhubarb, Rhythm and Russia.

03.20.15 https://youtu.be/MrQf5RX0Gz0
03.11.15 https://youtu.be/1Jis1BaKEiI
03.04.15 https://youtu.be/yed37XzBYdo
02.25.15 https://youtu.be/h5TGd7NKejM
02.18.15 https://youtu.be/ZmdquDbCgXw
02.11.15 https://youtu.be/JViTdn9JyS0

Click on the picture below to see Rhubarb’s baby pictures.

Keno and Cava