8/12/2013 Lab/Golden Cross
Sire Curt Color Yellow
Dam Tenley Color Yellow
Jam F Yellow Career Changed
June F Yellow
Jeniece F Yellow
Juan F Yellow
Jareth M Yellow
Javelin M Yellow
Jeb M Yellow
Jerry M Yellow
Josiah M Yellow
Judge M Yellow
Jabari M Yellow


Welcome to the Tenley x Curt Labrador/Golden cross litter; whelp date 8.12.13! All yellow puppies include males Jareth, Javelin, Jeb, Jerry, Josiah, Judge, and Jabari. Females include June, Jam, Jeniece, and Joan.

Tenley had a lot of puppies to take care of, so another mom in the kennels graciously agreed to take care of a few of the for her. You will see three of the Tenley puppies in the Jaymin videos posted online.

8.13.13 http://youtu.be/BlkYgOLqJRA
8.20.13 http://youtu.be/HTsEHYjn__M
8.26.13 http://youtu.be/SmaJhd08HpM
9.15.13 http://youtu.be/mmEOwtaF-KU
9.24.13 http://youtu.be/PFdXLelKSW8

Click on the family picture to see all of Jam’s baby pictures

Jam family picture

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