Hollywood Bowl | E.T. THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL | September 5, 2015

Scroll down the page and follow these steps:
1. Fill out the reservation form
2. Choose your payment option
3. Purchase your transportation ticket(s) if you are using the shuttle service
4. Take a look at the picnic option
ETThis year’s Hollywood Bowl event will be E.T. THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL on September 5, 2015.

I want to make this as easy as possible to sign up and pay. Please please please, call me if you have any questions. Mary Ann Epstein | 909-539-7196 | maryann@realpro.la. I can help you with all of the online options over the phone.

Ticket prices are $17.00 per person (this is our group price). Regular price for that section is $47.00. A space will be set aside for each dog for their comfort. There is no additional charge for this space. The tickets will be mailed to the person making the reservation. It would be just fine for a club to collect the money and then one person pay with a credit card. In that case, all tickets would be mailed to that person.

1Reserve your seat(s):

2Payment Options:

Mail a check made out to Guide Dogs for the Blind to:
Mary Ann Epstein
1439 W. Chapman Ave. #299
Orange, CA 92868

Pay by Credit Card by clicking on the link below:
This will look like a donation to BAARK but don’t worry about that. You will receive a receipt and confirmation of payment. Be sure you also completed step 1 above as I don’t receive any of the payment information from GDB.

  1. Click on the link www.guidedogs.com/givetoclubs
  2. Choose the CA Brea Adult Area Raisers Klub BAARK (not your personal puppy club)
  3. Enter the total dollar amount for your ticket(s) If it appears that the dollar amount didn’t take or you see .01, it will when you click Process Donation.
  4. Enter your billing information
  5. Enter your credit card information
  6. Click Process Donation.
# of Humans 1 $17.00 Equals $17.00
# of Humans 2 $17.00 Equals $34.00
# of Humans 3 $17.00 Equals $51.00
# of Humans 4 $17.00 Equals $68.00
# of Humans 5 $17.00 Equals $85.00
# of Humans 6 $17.00 Equals $102.00
# of Humans 7 $17.00 Equals $119.00
# of Humans 8 $17.00 Equals $136.00
# of Humans 9 $17.00 Equals $153.00
# of Humans 10 $17.00 Equals $170.00
# of Humans 11 $17.00 Equals $187.00
# of Humans 12 $17.00 Equals $204.00


You are responsible for your own transportation but there are shuttle/bus options that make it fun:
The Park and Ride and Bowl Shuttle are great options
I have taken both options and it is a great experience (and no downtown LA driving). The bus/shuttle drops you off right in front of the Hollywood Bowl. At the end of the performance you get the bus/shuttle through the tunnel. This part can be a mad dash but there are plenty of buses and lots of help to show you the way.
When purchased online the tickets are $8.75 including the “convenience” fee. Purchase your tickets online in advance to be assured of a seat on the bus you wish to take. There is plenty of parking at the sites where the buses meet you. Trust me, we are not the only ones taking the bus or shuttle. It is a very popular way to get to the Hollywood Bowl.
If you plan to join us for a picnic at the reserved picnic area outside the Hollywood Bowl prior to the show, I suggest you take the first shuttle/bus option. (for example: Lakewood has a 5:40, a 6:00 and a 6:30 time. The performance starts at 8:00 pm so you want to make sure you have enough time to eat, visit, relieve and get to your seats).


Many of the clubs plan a picnic dinner prior to the show. A light dinner, dessert, and drinks work well. As food and drinks are permitted in the Hollywood Bowl (including alcoholic beverages), you can being any leftovers to your seat. We will have a picnic area reserved for us. There is no additional charge for the picnic.

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