8/25/2014 LAB
Sire Mack Color Yellow
Dam Catina Color Black
Buckley M Black Working Guide Dog
Branson M Black
Brody M Black Working Guide Dog
Balboa F Black
Baja F Black
Bella F Black
Blair F Black
Brianna F Black
Bronte F Black


Welcome to the Mack x Catina Labrador litter; whelp date 08.25.14! The black puppies are males Branson, Brody and Buckley and the females are Balboa, Baja, Bella, Blair, Brianna and Bronte. 

Catina had a lot of puppies to care for, so another mom (Amaya) graciously agreed to take care of a few for her. You will see two of Catina’s puppies in Amaya’s videos and photos.

10.01.14 http://youtu.be/cLrwoNGjCgI
09.25.14 http://youtu.be/niXYRl1wZq4
09.17.14 http://youtu.be/7FbnUrQa01I
09.10.14 http://youtu.be/jZc5iX-pIWk
09.02.14 http://youtu.be/-_j3P0-wz2A
08.26.14 http://youtu.be/fEh0HZBhlOc

Click on the picture below to see Buckley’s baby pictures.

Buckleys baby pictures