BAARK: Brea Area Adult Raiser Klub


  • 2nd Tuesday of the Month is a Business Meeting at 7pm TBD
  • 4th Tuesday of the Month is a Socialization Outing This is subject to change to fit possible events.

Attendance Requirement:

  • Raisers must attend 80% of business meetings and socialization outings during a 6 month period of participation while raising a puppy.
  • Non-raisers/puppy sitters must attend 80% of the business meetings during a 6 month period.

Financial Expectations and Obligations:

  • Dog Food:
    8 weeks old to 1 year old | Pro Plan Large Breed Formula
    1 year & older | Natural Balance Lamb & Brown Rice Formula
  • Crates:
    Club has crates to borrow. If no crates are available, then raiser may have to purchase.
  • Toys:
    Guide dog approved toys (see manual for details)
  • Fees for Outings:
    Bus fare, train fare, restaurant outings, fun days, movies, etc.
  • Health Care/Vet:
    Provided in amount of $250 while puppy is in training. Over $250 has to be approved by Guide Dogs.
  • Supplies:
    Flea Medication, Heartguard, toothbrush, toothpaste and ear cleaning solution are provided. Brushes and nail clippers are the responsibility of the raiser
  • Season Females:
    Females in season are boarded at a Guide Dog approved home or kennel at the puppy raiser’s expense.


  • Booth at San Rafael Fun Day
  • Restaurant Fundraisers: Ruby’s, Applebee’s, etc
  • Raiser is also welcome to suggest a fundraiser too

Very young puppy meetings:

  • This is for puppies 8 weeks to 5 months old. Weekly meeting to learn grooming, handling, etc.

Puppy Sitting/Exchange:

  • Minimum of 6 exchanges (not puppy sitting) during the year or more at the discretion of the club leader. Exchange is to be coordinated and monitored by designated leader. Puppy Sitter forms need to be completed and turned in with the monthly report.
  • When raisers cannot take puppies on certain vacation destinations, non-approved GDB venues, or any other location where it is not benefiting the dog’s training, puppy sitters are arranged by the puppy raiser, leader & GDB approved sitter. Puppy Sitter forms need to be completed and turned in with the monthly report.

Club Information:

  • Contact Information, Lists & Calendars of Events are provided to each Puppy Raiser.
  • Puppy Exchange/Sitting Forms give another view on puppy’s behavior.
  • Email, Website and Facebook pages are provided to be in constant contact with Leader & Raiser.

Annual Cub Activities:

  • Fun Days: Oceanside, Lancaster, San Rafael, & Yuma
  • Tee Off for Dogs Golf Tournament, Annual Train Ride, Fundraisers, Angels Game Fundraiser, Vision Walk, Annual Picnic, OCTA training Day, & Holiday Parties

Training Instructions:

Food Reward for Calm Behavior Guidelines 2-14

GDB R+ terminology for raisers

Gentle Food Reward Taking 3-14

Ground Tether Game 1 Introduction Guidelines

Ground Tether Game 2 Guidelines

HAND Tether Game Guidelines

HAND Tether in Motion Game Guidelines

Loose Leash Walking Guidelines

Collar Cues

Career Change Dog Policy Change

Collar Cues for GDB Puppies

GDB Social Media Guidelines 2015

GDB Litter Alphabet Letters


Raising Softer Puppies

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