Guide Dog Puppies in Training came from every direction by train to Union Station for a day of walking, chatting, meeting new raisers and of course, the famous group photo on the steps. After the photo many of us head to Philippe’s for a french dipped sandwich. It’s become a tradition 🙂 The sights and sounds of Union Station and of Olvera Street are a great training opportunity. Working Guide Dogs, Anchorage and Elbert, joined us to show the puppies how it’s done. This is a challenge for the working dogs as they still remember life in a green jacket and the fun they had as puppies. It all comes back.

Enjoy the pictures. If there is one you would like the original of let me now. I wish I could name each puppy but a yellow lab looks like all yellow labs. Only way to tell them apart is if you recognize the legs that are also in the picture 🙂