Guide Dogs for the Blind puppies visited Air Hollywood. There was a small group of puppies taking part in an Air Hollywood training event. 7 GDB puppies, 3 CCI puppies and 1 CCI working dog. This was also a publicity event for the future.

We experienced the check-in at the ticket counter and how to introduce ourselves to the ticket person.

Then we went through the screening and learned to take your time, don’t let anyone rush you since you are really there to take the best care of the dog so the experience is pleasant and positive for them. You do not have to put the dog into any of the other screening machines – request a personal pat down and wanding is best for the dog.

Request the bulkhead when you book your flight. You also have to book your flight through the airline directly instead of online booking. This is go be sure that they are aware you are bringing a working dog with you or a cabin pet. The rules are different for Guide Dog Puppies in Training – for this, clear it first with your CFR (have to be sure to put this in).

None of the puppies had any trouble with the take off, landing or turbulence. Mostly they just laid quietly in their place.

Great experience for all.

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