…is the largest event of its kind held in Orange County, CA.
A small CSUF school project has now grown to include thousands of developmentally disabled students of all disabilities from schools in Orange County who participate in the day of non-competitive games each year.

This year it is expected that 2,500 special athletes and over 4,000 volunteers will attend. Athletes will be paired with a high school volunteer buddy to make the day a rewarding experience! There is no charge for schools to attend. The CSUF Special Games is a grassroots effort with all donations going directly to support the event for the benefit of disabled children in Orange County.  See you on the field!

The CSUF Special Games Mission is….

• Dedicated to fostering social development and activity for developmentally disabled children through non-competitive sporting games and interaction with other challenged children.

• Committed to the endeavors of the special games and include local community schools.

• Founded on the principals of volunteerism and community spirit and provides a day filled with fun, joy, and safety for both the special athletes and the volunteers.

• Committed to maintaining a successful day of fun, friendship and non-competitive games.

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