Goodbye and Good Luck to Nomad (and others)

Today we met the Guide Dogs for the Blind Puppy Truck. This is an amazing event – excitement followed by tears too. Some raisers received a new puppy and others put their puppy on the truck for the trip back to Guide Dogs for the Blind for formal training (or what I like to call “College”). This visit to the puppy truck was to say goodbye to Nomad, raised by Michelle.

Hollywood Bowl Photos | A Chorus Line July 30, 2016

I was very excited about the success of the Guide Dogs for the Blind Puppies in Training and Working Guide Dogs the Annual Hollywood Bowl outing. It was so good to meet new raisers and handlers at the picnic and inside of the venue. There were 30 dogs and 92 humans in attendance. The seating, as always, was great. Thank you all for making this years event a success.

BAARK Guide Dog Puppy Raisers enjoy an evening of Bowling | 6/28/16

BAARK GDB Puppy Raisers enjoyed an evening of bowling. Actually was very fun and the puppies didn’t care one bit. They all just hung out guarding the bowling ball racks. We were missing Aiden this time. Rhubarb had an excused absence as she is in breeder evaluation (fingers crossed).

11th Annual Vision Walk | June 11, 2016

Today was the 11th Annual Vision Walk at Angel Stadium. Last year was super hot – this year was cool and light showers. A very comfortable walk if you don’t mind going home with a wet puppy.

Fisher, Brian, Aiden and Rancher were in attendance. We also had Career change Mobley with us.

Buckley Graduated Today! 5/14/2016

I am so happy Buckley will be living with a wonderful young man from Saskatchewan Canada. He and his wife have 3 young children, another dog and a cat. Buckley is going to love it there. I absolutely could not be happier! Yes, I am a proud Mama!

OCTA Bus Training Day and Downtown Disney | 4-2-2016

Twice a year, OCTA hosts a training day for service dogs where they allow us all to practice with our dogs so they learn to be comfortable riding buses. The puppies learn about the steps, the ramp and the wheelchair lift. The OCTA bus drops us off at Downtown Disney where we are able to walk through crowds, go in and out of stores and stop for a bite to eat. Thank you to all of the people who were at Downtown Disney as they had to use their best self-restraint not to pet the puppies. It is important that they are able to walk through crowds and past other dogs and remain focused. Successful day for all!